Midnight Coffee

Detail Buku:

Judul : Midnight Coffee
Pengarang : NdaSofie Ginting
Ukuran : 14 x 20 cm
Tebal : viii + 314 Halaman


Encouraged by the previous success of my three books, i.e: Menyerah? Tidak Hari Ini, Purchasing Happiness and Give Up? Not Today! I wrote this fourth one, Called: Midnight Coffee.

The coffee is a metaphor that is created to describe human complexity. Just like us the coffee is not always sweet and tender without the cream, the milk and the memory LOL. It has hidden part that is unknown to mostly people.

This book, expressing many discussions, thoughts, questions, emotions, relationships, love and feelings- not to be understood by people, but simply to survive, even with a broken smile.

Profil Penulis

NdaSofie is the author of Menyerah?

Tidak Hari Ini Published 2018, Purchasing Happiness published 2020, & Give Up? Not Today! Published 2021. Her first book is collection of daily ups and downs stories, regarding her daily journey in high school and university days. Her second book Purchasing Happiness is about short story collections that she won in some writing contests. And her third book Give Up? Not Today! is about self-improvement and inspiration, the complexity of human emotion, unsaid feeling, self-harm, mental illness such as depression, and unsolved relationship that human engaged with their life and society.

NdaSofie started to write when she was in high school. She has fallen in love with poems, inspirational books, self-improvement books. She truly believes that words can be used for either two things, breaking or empowering someone's soul. She actively empowers people to be vulnerable about what they are feeling and embraces every feeling that we have in our hearts. She is also contributes to be a writer at woman platform magazine, namely Citacinta to continually make an impact for those who need it the most.

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Instagram: ndasofieginting

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