Aviation at Glance

Detail Buku:

Judul: Aviation at Glance

Penulis:  Ach. Yuliadi Mubarok, Andi Rahmawan, Christy Aurina N. A, Daffa Muhammad Rizqisya, Defi Alfia Sari, Gerin Olivia , Hilmi Naufal, Jabez Jeremiah Ezekiel, Lutfi Assagaf, Muhammad Hijrah Islah Ummah, Muhammad Iqbal, Muhammad Khoiruman Fadilah, Muhammad Syahnan Syah Ammar, Nauvan Alief Adji Widhianto , Nilam Sekar Gading, Nobrian Nizar Alwi, Putu Yoga Purnama Putra, Safira Alhasanah, Salsabilah Putri Firdha Rose, Tirza Saamena, Trias Okta Andriyani, Winando Vandosyen, Yella Dwi Kurani, Jerlina Wardani.

Halaman: x + 235 pages

Ukuran: 15,5 cm x 23 cm

Pemesanan: 081946100094


This book is a compilation of cadets' writing projects about all-related aviation matters. It consists of five dissimilar topics including aviation jobs, weather, air travel, aircraft, and airport. The whole compositions are submitted as the final project in their second semester of the study program at D3 Aeronautical Communication Batch 6, Politeknik Penerbangan Surabaya.

The book is objected to clarify that aviation cadets could deliver their insights and perspectives through written form. This ability is, somehow, doubtless and considered impossible due to various and complex semi-military trainings. In addition, this book is used to give appreciation of the whole-semester efforts accomplished by the cadets. This literacy artefact can be their golden product to be proud of and becomes a new learning experience to be enhanced in near future.

This amazing result of the writing project includes general information and knowledge so that publics should not hesitate to read it. It also can be used as a learning medium to teach all-related aviation topics such as meteorological phenomena, ground damages, ATC responsibilities, and vice versa. At last the included information is still basic to the level of aviation subject matters, hence, readers regardless of the specification still can enjoy it.

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